Teleon Web Site

Teleon deploys 3 types of web site to provide better service and support to customers and clients. These web sites include Teleon web portal, client site and document site. An extra wiki site will be published in the near future.

Teleon Web Portal

Teleon web portal is at Teleon web portal facilities are still evolving and under frequent update. You may have a chance temporarily seeing a different web portal appearance in our alternate web sites or some document.


Teleon Document Site

Teleon document site is at

It contains information about Teleon service, products in a manual style.

Teleon Client Site

Teleon client site is at

Its home page screenshot for unregistered customer is shown as follow.


Teleon client site is the center for client service and shopping. It will be discussed in details in next sections.

Alternate Web Site Cluster

Beside, customer can also visit for web portal, document site and client site. Primary web site cluster and alternate web site cluster are sit in different geo locations.