Client Site - Ordering

Once you login to client site, you can find the top menu vertical bar on the right side, and desktop icons.

Clicking the "Order Now" button goes into order page, as shown below.


First phase page shows the Teleon product/service categories. There are three categories. Typically, customer can order a license pack from here.

Clicking the "View products" button expends the selected category into product list. The following shows a part of the expended first phase page.


Clicking the "Order now" button on selected product goes into the second phase page, as shown below.


Review the details and pressing the "Order now" button goes into the third phase page for confirmation, as shown below.


Clicking the "Checkout" button will start the payment transaction.

If you have a Teleon issued promo code, please apply it before click checkout to get some extent of discount.

For the time being, Teleon only use Paypal payment gateway. In the future, Teleon will introduce more payment gateway depends on customer feedback.

Please note, after payment with Paypal finished and goes back to Teleon client site, it will take a few minutes to change the status from "Unpaid" to "Paid". It depends on Paypal gateway's response come back time. This situation sometimes may confuse the customer. Please attention, and don't click the Checkout twice, just wait a few minutes for transaction done.

After transaction done, it will goes to a service content page shown as below. You can also get to this page via "Service Ordered" from top menu and select the ordered item from the "Service Ordered" page.


In the service content page, provide a assigned license key code, in a form of "BOLSnxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxx". Customer can use this license key to login to SyncOffice Manager and provide support to certificates in the quantity specified by the ordered license pack.