RSS - Remote Support Service

Teleon provides an infrastructure of service and servers to support his customers.

Customer can also build up own infrastructure. By using Teleon provided utilities and tools customer can build up his own infrastructure to support use of SyncOS, SyncOffice-VA and SyncOffice suite. These utilities and tools include Teleon Authenticator, SyncOffice Manager, and CSRGen. Teleon Authenticator is used as Remote Auth Service (RAS) server.

Using solely own infrastructure is the best practice for customer, as it's more safe. Once customer uses own RAS servers, there is no need to get Teleon remote servers involved in daily work (except initial licensing control when login SyncOffice Manager). There is no Teleon remote connection in the background or involved in the following daily works:

  • Generate new Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file.
  • Configuration and generation of new certificate file.
  • Upload remote control attributes to own RAS servers.
  • Authorization process between SyncOffice and own RAS server.
  • Generate PassCode for Local AccessCode Control case.

In some cases, customer could not guarantee his RAS servers always online. For redundancy, if customer trusts Teleon remote support, Teleon RSS can be used as an alternate authorization server.

SyncOffice login extension always tries customer's own RAS as first preference for authorization. If get response from RAS, no need to contact alternate RSS server. If no reply from RAS and after a timeout, login procedure will contact RSS server if administrator have set the "Fallback to Teleon Remote Support Service" flag in the certificate.

Please note for the time being, Teleon RSS service is still a trial service, and it's not a guaranteed service.