CSRGen Application

CSRGen is a Java standalone application to create a CSR file. Its function is the same as SyncOffice Login Extension's "Create Certificate Signing Request CSR" menu item procedure.

If end-user does not use SyncOS live USB, but only SyncOffice, he can use SyncOffice Login Extension for CSR generation. If end-user needs SyncOS live USB, alternatively, he can use CSRGen for the same purpose.

CSR file generated under Windows or other OS supporting Java platform can be used for SyncOS certificate.

CSRGen is provided as a Java runnable jar. Under Windows desktop, double click its icon or right-click then "open" will launch it. Under Linux console, input command line "java -jar CSRGen.jar" will launch the application.

After launch, CSRGen GUI is shown as follow.


Input your alias/name as an end-user's "UserID", it should be a 2 - 15 char length alpha-numeric string. Also input a 2 - 15 char length alpha-numeric string as "password".

After click "Generate" button, a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file is created in the same application binary folder.

The created CSR file name is in a similar format as John__teleon-PC.csr, which contains the end-user's name and his work PC/device name, with .csr suffix.

Please note, CSR intrinsically is a fingerprint of the PC/device. It's rely on PC hardware feature, and not all PC have set their hardware id right. So in rare case, generating CSR file may got issue, the generated CSR fingerprint may not be unique. If you found such a case, please kindly notify Teleon via any message channel.