After SyncOS boot up and user login, SyncOS desktop shows up. Click bottom left corner desktop icon button, all desktop icons will pop up and shown as below.


Launch SyncOffice

Press LibreOffice icon launches SyncOffice/LibreOffice Start Center application.


After it's launched up, SyncOffice/LibreOffice GUI is shown as follows.


During SyncOffice daily work, some network related services are needed for cloud access and folder sharing. They may not work or may interrupted by some unexpected factors during SyncOS boot up or in the operation. These factors include network connections, host system resources and USB device work performance, etc.

To restore stopped and interrupted services, we add some service restart applications on desktop.

Restart Rclone Service

Rclone cloud service is a complicated service in SyncOS. Its connection and work could be impacted by outside. If SyncOS lost its Internet connection, Rclone won't work.

Please note, once SyncOS Internet connection is resumed after a hit, Rclone service typically should be resumed automatically within a few minutes.

In rare case if you want to manually restart the Rclone service, you can find the "RcloneCloud Restart" application icon on the desktop and press the icon to restart Rclone service.

Firstly it will try ping to ensure network is ready. As shown in the following. Press OK button to go next.


It may take a few seconds for restart process. Then press pop up OK button to check the status.


The following screenshot shows the Rclone service status after restart.


Windows Samba Share Service

SyncOS is built with a Samba/SMB service to provide a network shared folder with Windows. This shared folder is typically used for copy files from Windows to SyncOS.

If you find your adjacent Windows cannot get the SyncOS Samba/SMB service, you can restart the Samba/SMB service by click the "WinShare Restart" application icon on the desktop.


If the service restarted, a pop up GUI should be shown like the above. Click OK button to check the status.



There is a group icon on the desktop to contain a set of SyncOS system used tools and utilities. Press this icon it will expand the icons on desktop.


One of the expanded icons is Settings. Its pop up GUI is shown as below. You can change system settings here, such as change default screen display resolution, etc.


If you find some command operations are necessary for daily work, please kindly inform Teleon, so we can add those commands into desktop application icons in next SyncOS release.