Teleon is planning migrating its LibreOffice based development into new workplaces, and moving the source code tree into Github as development and source code repository for SyncOffice's LibreOffice source code revision. For the time being, LibreOffice source code revisions are included and published along with SyncOffice-VA and SyncOS images.


SyncOffice suite application is a zero-configured portable application. It is provided as a 7-zip zipped file.

You can use third party file zip utility 7-zip to unzip the SyncOffice compressed 7z file. When the 7z file is opened, it's shown as below.


Click the "Extract" button in 7-zip GUI to unzip the "SyncOffice" folder into a drive place of your working PC. The following screenshot shows an example of unzipping to E: drive, and the SyncOffice sub folders.


The application binary sub folder is "\program". All standalone office applications in \program sub folder are named with prefix "s", such as swriter.exe, scalc.exe, etc. The main office center application is "soffice.exe", shown as the highlighted in the following screenshot of the \program subfolder.


Click soffice.exe will launch SyncOffice suite application. No need to configure anything.

In some latest edition for standalone SyncOffice suite, a virtual container is used to contain some sensitive part of the suite (such as Java part). In those editions, the subfolders and associated files may looks different from ordinary unpacked edition.