SyncOffice-VA Introduction

SyncOffice-VA is SyncOffice virtual appliance. It is a VirtualBox (or similar virtual host) guest image, also can be burned into a bootable USB/CD/DVD.

Fundamentally, SyncOffice-VA is a custom made and simplified Linux operating system containing only one main application: SyncOffice suite. SyncOffice-VA remasters the Debian distro to create an sandbox OS, it also adds an encryption layer on the file system. Its main differences from SyncOS are that it can be used without persistent storage, and it has no LXC container and other office applications. Customer cannot install other applications on it. The current SyncOffice-VA is built based on Debian 9 Stretch Release.

A set of support tool and utilities are provided to let customer forming his own infrastructure for certification, authorization and remote control management, include SyncOffice Manager and SyncOffice Authenticator. These tools are used for both SyncOS and SyncOffice-VA.

When SyncOffice-VA is booted up, it searches optional certificate in local storage and audits against the certificate. Once audit passed, it automatically updates various credentials, and login to its corporate cloud. The cloud is the typical file repository and workplace to process the document.

SyncOffice-VA also supports shared folder with adjacent PC via Samba/SMB mechanism. Both Windows 7/8/10 and MacBook/MacAir are supported.

SyncOffice-VA can be used without local stored certificate. Without certificate, SyncOffice-VA works in freeware mode. In freeware mode, SyncOffice document access is managed by its Login extension's Runtime Config features.

Teleon provides SyncOffice-VA as a live OS image file with .iso file extension. If customer uses it without certificate, he can use this .iso file directly in VirtualBox, or burns it into a live CD/DVD or live USB. If customer wants to use it with a certificate, there are several means for customer to add it locally, which will be discussed in next paragraphs.

SyncOffice-VA is totally free, including its downloading. When you place an order for a SyncOffice-VA image download in Teleon client site, you don't need to pay and the transaction is auto completed, typically you will get a download URL link.