SyncOffice-VA in VirtualBox

A typical use of SyncOffice-VA is using it as a VirtualBox guest instance.

Many users use Windows desktop/laptop for work, they may want use SyncOffice under Windows environment instead of boot the PC using live USB or DVD. Since standalone SyncOffice suite expose document files to user or other's hand, it's not so safe to use it directly. Teleon adopts the virtual appliance concept to use a simplified OS to seal the SyncOffice suite inside with the documents, form a safer sandbox container. SyncOffice-VA under VirtualBox can work perfectly under Windows or macOS.

In such a scenario, VirtualBox need to be installed on the user working PC. VirtualBox can be downloaded from Oracle VirtualBox site.

After download and install VirtualBox, you can follow the VirtualBox web manual to create a Linux/Debian guest OS. This guest doesn't need any hard disk storage. After set up SyncOffice-VA image iso file as the guest OS boot media, booting up and operation are totally working on the guest OS's memory.

The following screenshots are showing how to add SyncOffice-VA image iso file as the guest OS boot media.

After start up VirtualBox, select the guest OS created for SyncOffice-VA operation (in the screenshot case, the guest name is "ISO-test"). Then click top bar "Settings" button. It will pop up a GUI window with title "- Settings".


In the pop up Settings window, select "Storage" menu item and click "Adds optical drive" icon. A "- Optical Disk Selector" window is pop up.


In the Optical Disk Selector window, click "Add Disk Image" icon. VirtualBox shows up a file explorer GUI to let you select a SyncOffice-VA image ISO file.


After selecting the SyncOffice-VA file, the Settings pop up window shows the CD/DVD icon with the association of selected ISO boot file.


In Settings window, click bottom "OK" button, it will go back to the VirtualBox window as in the follow, shown the "Storage" section with "Optical Drive" associated with SyncOffice image file as boot file.


Next, click the top bar "Start" green button to start up SyncOffice-VA as a virtual guest working under VirtualBox.

SyncOffice-VA firstly boot into GRUB boot loader as other Linux OS.


SyncOffice-VA's GRUB boot loader will load the full file system. This process lasts a few minutes and is a little bit lengthy. During the file system loading, a splash window is shown as following.


After boot up, the SyncOffice-VA directly launches its desktop window without login, and automatically starts SyncOffice. Up to now, you can work on SyncOffice suite virtually under Windows or macOS/OSX.