SyncOffice-VA in CD/DVD

Beside working directly as virtual guest or be burned as live USB, SyncOffice-VA can also be burned into a bootable CD/DVD.

Booting from CD/DVD is supported by most PC and is thought to be more traditional and straight through. Since no persistent storage is mandatory for SyncOffice-VA, it is possible to be burned into CD/DVD. As a comparison, SyncOS can only work on USB due to it needs writable persistent image file on media. To be suitable for CD, SyncOffice-VA image file is intentionally tailored to be within 680MB size. Making SyncOffice-VA on a MiniDVD disc (8 cm disc with capacity of 1.4GB) is recommended for portable daily work.

There are numerous third party CD/DVD burning tools available on the web.

Infrarecorder is a good and free CD/DVD burning solution for Microsoft Windows.

CDBurnerXP is another good free application to burn CDs and DVDs, especially for CD/DVD rewritable discs.