Add Certificate To SyncOffice-VA

You can add certificate file and Rclone cloud setting file to SyncOffice-VA. Both plain text file and encrypted file are accepted, but using encrypted files are recommended.

You can use SyncOffice Manager to encrypt certificate and Rclone cloud setting files. SyncOffice main tab page - USB Utility Page has a button Encrypt Files For SyncOffice-VA for this purpose.


Once you get the encrypted files, you can add them into SyncOffice-VA's root folder.

If you burn SyncOffice-VA into an USB drive, simply copy the files into USB drive's root folder. That's it.

If you burn SyncOffice-VA into an CD/DVD disc, you can append the two files to disc. You can use third party ISO utility application to create SyncOffice-VA disc as multi session disc, which means that you can burn the disc multiple times. If the disc is not closed, you can append additional files to the disc at later time.

For using the SyncOffice-VA image ISO file directly in virtual host environment, you need relevant third party ISO utility application to insert the files into the original SyncOffice image file.

WinISO is one of the recommended tools. You can get the WinISO 5.3 Free Version, or paid version WinISO Standard 6.

Once you installed WinISO and start it up, its main GUI shows as follows.


Press main bar "Open" button, it pop up an file explorer window titled "Open CDROM Image file...", find and select your SyncOffice-VA image file to open, as shown below.


Once SyncOffice-VA image file is opened, the GUI looks like the following.


Click the "Actions" submenu button in the top bar, then select the "Add Files" option and press, it will show up a file explorer window to let you find and insert your certificate file and rclone.conf.tes file.


SyncOffice-VA ISO image with inserted certificate files can be used to burn into USB or CD/DVD, without any need to copy or append files.