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USB Utility Page

USB Utility page is to create SyncOS live USB drive, then encrypt and insert its certificate and cloud setting files into the SyncOS drive.

There are two sub tab pages, for Rufus utility and for Rclone utility.

Rufus Tab

From Rufus tab, Rufus application is launched and its GUI is embedded into SyncOffice Manager main GUI.

You can also individually launch the application rufus_SOM.exe from SyncOffice application folder without SyncOffice framing.


When you select the SyncOS image file and click Start button from Rufus, several notification prompts may be pop up.

If you encounter a below grub related notification, you are select "No" to use Rufus default option.


If you get the following related notifications, you can select "OK" for all of them.



After a SyncOS live USB drive created, typically you need to copy certificate and Rclone cloud setting file into the USB. This file copy to SyncOS USB cannot be done via simply copy under Windows. It needs to be done under the Rufus tab.

Use Detect Drive or Manual Set Drive to identify the SyncOS USB drive, such as "D:\", or "E:\", etc. After defining drive, select certificate file and rclone.conf file, then press button Copy Selected Files To USB. SynyOffice Manager will first encrypt the two selected files and then copy to the USB drive.

For SyncOffice-VA, it's another story. SyncOffice-VA is not necessary to need the image file be burned into USB drive. The typical usage of SyncOffice-VA is the freeware mode without certificate. Once SyncOffice-VA is used with a certificate, the certificate and rclone.conf file can be in both formats: original plaintext file or encrypted.

Once SyncOffice-VA needs encrypted certificate and rclone.conf file, you can use Rufus tab Encrypt Files For SyncOfficeVA button. The encrypted files are saved into \repository_syncoffice-va subfolder. You can use WinISO to insert the plaintext or encrypted files into SyncOffice-VA image, then use it direct, or burn the image into CD/DVD or USB drive using any capable tools. You can also burn the original SyncOffice-VA image into USB drive, then use Windows copy utility to copy the plaintext or encrypted files into the USB drive.

Rclone Tab

Rclone is a command line application. RcloneBrowser is a Qt application providing a GUI interface for Rclone.

From Rclone Tab, RcloneBrowser is launched and its GUI is embedded into SyncOffice Manager main GUI. You can also individually launch the application RcloneBrowser.exe from SyncOffice application \rclone subfolder.


For Rclone details you can refer to the following third party tool related chapter.