SyncOffice Manager Launch

SyncOffice Manager is a Windows win32 application written in Delphi and is developed on Embarcadero Rad Studio.

Where to Get SyncOffice Manager

You can order downloading SyncOffice Manager from Teleon client site. To login SyncOffice Manager, you need to order a license pack from Teleon client site and use it for login.

SyncOffice Manager Install Folder

Set up SyncOffice Manager is straight through. Just unzip the downloaded file into a selected folder under Windows. That is all.

After set up you can find SyncOffice Manager exe file in the folder as shown in the following.


There are several subfolders under SyncOffice Manager application folder. The CSR files from end-users should be copied into \repository_certrequest subfolder. Created certificates will be all put into \repository_certificate subfolder by SyncOffice Manager.


SyncOffice Manger works with several third party utility applications. The other subfolders contain these application's binary and data.

The \database_mini_server subfolder is for local MySQL. This MySQL server is a portable database server, and needs no extra installation. The subfolder \database_mini_server\udrive\data contains all MySQL database and table contents.

The \rufus_files subfolder contains files used by Rufus USB utility.

The \rclone subfolder is for Rclone, the cloud access utility used by Teleon product. SyncOffice Manger has Rclone embedded in its "SyncOS USB Utility" tab. It is for set up Rclone setting file for SyncOS. The embedded Rclone binary and data are in this \rclone subfolder.

In some latest editions, SyncOffice Manager and some of its third party utilities are packed together to form a converged exe file container. In such case, customer won't see these utility subfolders/applications anymore.

Launch SyncOffice Manager

Launching SyncOffice Manager needs Windows administrator privileges. Elevation is automatically arranged during application launch. Click SyncOfficeManager.exe icon launches SyncOffice Manager, Windows will prompt a notification as following. Simply click Yes to confirm elevation. Windows will proceed to launch the application in administrator rights.


Login to SyncOffice Manager

After administrator privilege elevation, SyncOffice Manager run into a login GUI window, shown as following.


Login into SyncOffice Manager need a License Key, which was assigned in Teleon client site after customer's order. Also need customer's User First Name registered in the Teleon client site. Customer can use SyncOffice Manager's default password of 1234 to login. After initial login, customer should change this initial password to his own password.

If you hate to input the password every time you login, you can click Save Password option, so next time login it will automatically retrieve the password and auto login. This is not recommended.

During login process, SyncOffice Manager contacts Teleon service server via Teleon messaging protocol. The process is partly shown in real time under the left bottom of the GUI.

Go into SyncOffice Manager

Once login passed, SyncOffice Manager suppresses the login GUI and pop up the home page of main GUI window, as shown in the following.