Function Summary

SyncOffice Manager generate certificate, manages certificate data and templates, upload certificate remote attributes data to remote support servers. SyncOffice Manager can also help administrator to generate Passcode for real time AccessCode.

SyncOffice Manager is also an tool to burn SyncOS image file into a bootable Live USB drive.

Manage Certificate request

Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is a text file generated from an end-user's PC. The CSR file should be copied into SyncOffice Manager's \repository_certrequest subfolder.

SyncOffice Manager manages CSR license assignment. Teleon license pack limits the concurrent actively managed certificate numbers. SyncOffice Manager assigns a certificate to active or idle to manage the active certificates sum is within the license limit.

Manage Global Data

For users within one company realm, their certificates share some company level settings. These settings include company level document password key, customer own RAS server's IP and port, as well as global level template for various attributes.

Manage Group Data

An end-user belongs to one or more groups. Each group has its unique group level document password key. Also, group level management include group level template for various attributes.

Manage User Data

For each end-user, customer administrator should create a user profile for certificate and user management. Each user is assigned to one or more groups. Certificate created for a user will contains the group level document keys depend on assignment. User level management also include user level template for various attributes.

Configure Certificate for a CSR

To generate a certificate, administrator imports a CSR, apply user level template to the certificate attribute data in workplace cache, then start to configure each certificate attribute. After configuration, click "Create Certificate" to generate a certificate file.

Upload Certificate Remote Attributes

There are some attributes can be uploaded to RAS/RSS remote authorization server, such as "Forced Block", "Use Local Access Control", etc. These attributes value can be changed at any time and uploaded without needs to modify the created/issued certificate. This achieves a real time control over the certificate.

Create Access Passcode

SyncOffice Manager can create Passcode for a runtime created AccessCode to support end-user local access control. Typically, this function is realized by SyncOffice Authenticator.

Create Live USB Drive

SyncOffice Manager includes some third party tools to help customer create a bootable SyncOS Live USB from its iso image file.

SyncOffice Manager also encrypt certificate and Rclone cloud configuration files for SyncOS USB and SyncOffice-VA.