Certificate Request

Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is a text file contains an end-user work PC's fingerprint. A CSR is required to create a certificate which will be only valid for that specific PC.

Create Certificate Signing Request

The CSR file can be created within SyncOffice's Login Extension menu, or using standalone CSRGen Java application under Windows or other Java compatible OS.

Both SyncOffice Login Extension and CSRGen have a similar GUI as shown in the following.


To create a CSR, the end-user needs to input a free chosen UserID and password pair, which will be exported into the certificate from this CSR. When the user uses SyncOffice and do login for authorization, he should input this UserID/password pair to decipher the certificate.

Please note that when the customer administrator creates a certificate from a CSR, he can override the CSR imported password with a new password and force the end-user uses this new password.

Certificate Signing Request Data

Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is a text file, which contains 7 lines of text, including encrypted footprint data. Sample file data content is like the following.