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Create Passcode Page

SyncOffice Manager has a main tab page for creation of Access Passcode. Typically, customer administrator uses SyncOffice Authenticator from a laptop or mobile device for daily support to his end-user.


When end-user does login from SyncOffice Login Extension, an authorization process starts. In some cases, the network connection may not be present for SyncOffice or SyncOS, so RAS/RSS backed remote authorization is not possible. In such a case, normally authorization can only be done locally via auditing against certificate file stored data. It's obviously not perfect as the authorization is not against the real time state of the user/device, but rather against a state at certificate creation time, which may be obsolete. This introduces the use of AccessCode/Access-Passcode.

In case of customer administrator want fully control over the SyncOffice/SyncOS authorization on a certificate, he can apply Local AccessCode Control attribute on this certificate. Once this attribute activated, whether or not RAS/RSS remote server is available or not, the authorization process will create a real time random AccessCode and prompt the end-user to get its buddy Access Passcode from his administrator.

This Create Passcode Page is used by the administrator to populate the Access Passcode. The administrator then needs to manually inform the end-user this Passcode, to let him input and finishes the authorization process.



Three parameters are needed to create a Passcode: a CertificateID to identify which specific certificate; the runtime AccessCode generated from SyncOffice Login Extension on this certificate associated device; and the AccessCode generation date time.

Both AccessCode and its Passcode are a 16 digits long number string.