SyncOffice Login Extension

This section describes general information about the Login Extension associated with SyncOffice.


SyncOffice Login Extension source code is forked from the "LibreOffice Starter Extension" project. Its development is on Eclipse Java development environment.

Customer can use SyncOffice Login Extension for the follows:

  • Creates a Certificate Signing Request ( CSR) file for the work PC.
  • Initiates an authorization via login process and starts a SyncOffice work session.
  • Configure Runtime Settings for private use options.


LibreOffice provide an Extension Manager for customer to manually install extensions on LibreOffice/SyncOffice.

Teleon published SyncOffice, whether as standalone suite, or embedded in SyncOS/SyncOffice-VA, have already had the Java Login Extension installed. There is no need for customer to install the extension for downloaded SyncOffice products.

In some case, customer may have special feature requirement and order a custom made Java Login Extension. In such a case, customer can install the new ordered extension following the next steps.

In SyncOffice top menu bar and select "Tools" - "Extension Manager" as follow.


Once click selected "Tools" - "Extension Manager" menu item, it shows up the following window.


Select and click "Add" button in the window, it pops up a file browser. Go to your folder where the extension .oxt files are stored, and select the one you want to install, and press "Open" button.


It requests you to select "Only for me" or "For all users".


After selection, it starts copy and installing process. After successful installation, it pops up the installed status window. You may click "Close" button to exit.


Finally, it will ask you to restart the application. Press "Restart Now" button. It's not restarting PC, but just exit and re-launch SyncOffice application.

This will finish the whole process of an extension installation.


After installation, SyncOffice top menu bar adds a new menu item: Login. Click Logoin menu item show as follows.


There are three sub vertical menu items. They correspond to three Login Extension's functions: creating CSR, login and configuring runtime settings. They will be discussed in the following sections.