Login Menu

This page explains "Login as SyncOffice Authorized User" menu function.

Click this menu item on Login menu will launch a Java dialogue window as follow.


Input end-user's user-id and password will start a "login" procedure, which is an authorization process.

The "UserID" is the certificate's UserID, which is in turn the same as and derived from the CSR's UserID.

The "Password" is the certificate's Password. It maybe the original CSR's Password input by the end-user, or may be overridden and set by his administrator. In the latter case, administrator needs to inform the end-user this new password when deliver the certificate.

Please note, due to Login Extension application needs to test probe RAS/RSS validity, it may takes a few seconds before responses, depends on conditions. Please be patient. This procedure should be less than 14 seconds.

During the authorization process, the procedure will check if "Use Local AccessCode Control" attribute flag is set. If set, even if all other conditions are met and satisfied, it will generate a runtime AccessCode and request its Passcode, as shown in following.


Once end-user inputs Passcode and authorization is successful, the login OK status is shown as follow.

If "Use Local AccessCode Control" attribute flag is false, once all other conditions are met and satisfied, it goes directly to here.


Once login OK, click top right exit icon to close the Login dialogue window and start work on SyncOffice in a new work session.

Each work session can last 1 hour or 12 hours, depends on certificate's definition configuration.