User Tab Page

Each end-user should have own template. Once his template is set and save into database, all his following certificate creation can use his user template as building base.

User Tab page manages user level template data for end-users. Its home User Identity sub-tab page is shown as follow.


Initially after SyncOffice Manager launched, the user template cache is filled by default-group's group level template data. This is same as the initial certificate work cache.

The top-left section of the User Identity sub-tab is a string grid reflecting MySQL table_user_list table. You can press "Open Selected User'' button to open/import an existing user template, or you can create a new user entry.

Under "New or Selected UserID" GroupBox, you can input a new user name as UserID, then press "Create New User" button, this create a new user entry. You can edit his profile data in "User Profile Content" GroupBox at the bottom left section, and modify his various attributes in other attribute sub-tabs.

After re-arrange all template data for a opened or newly-created user, you can press "Save User Data To DB" button to save it into MySQL table_user_list table.

If you created a new user entry, and modified its default/write-privilege group from default group-1 to any other group, you may press "Import From Group Template" button to fill the user template work cache with selected group's group level template data.

If you are working on a new certificate and his user already has his user level template stored in database, you can open it into user template cache, and press the button "Overwrite Cert Attribute Data" here to set up his current certificate attributes data from his user template.

User Attributes Sub-Tabs

User level template's attributes configuration uses similar attributes sub-tabs for certificate. You can refer to correspondent certificate attribute configuration page.

There is a few difference between these two level sub-tabs, refer to the following user sub-tab as example.


The user level sub-tabs add a button "Import From Group Template". Press it will load the user default/write-privilege group's template data to this user attribute cache.

Also, if you are working on a certificate and want to only write this attribute using user-level template, click "Apply To Current Certificate" radio button. But normally, the certificate attributes should be set up from user template wholly.