GUI Layout

For launching an instance of SyncOffice Manager and its login procedure, please refer to document's SyncOffice Manager Launch page.

Login GUI

After launch, a login GUI shows up as follows.


Main GUI Home Page

After successful login, the main GUI will displays its home page.


Layout of Main GUI

SyncOffice Manager uses Delphi VCL as its building language and platform. It uses Delphi's "Tab Control" component for its different pages.

There are 12 main tab control page, they will be discussed separately later on. Each main tab has a correspondent BitBtn button, listed in a left side menu bar panel of the main GUI.

The top section of the left side vertical panel displays the current opened CSR and certificate. In such a multi-tab concurrent work environment, sometimes the opened CSR is not the opened certificate's CSR. In such case the CSR tab and certificate tab are refer to different user/device identity. In such situation, this section shows the CSR/certificate in yellow color, to remind the administrator to pay attention.


The bottom section of the right side main tab panel is a log utility used mainly for debug purpose when debug FuncCode is activated. It is not for customer's administrator's daily work.

In main tab page panel, those attributes and templates related tabs contain their own second level tab control pages.

The following tab page shows such a second level sub-tab under user management tab page.


Please attention to some layout design patterns to better understand the GUI interface. Refer to this user management tab page as an example.

  • For some GroupBox, Panel or other type of GUI components, font style of their text/label is in Italic. This means this GUI component related feature is not activated for the time being, or the content is read only.
  • The TEdit input/display component may have different background colors: normally light-blue or yellow. Yellow color means this edit is read only and its text cannot be inputted here. Its text content is derived from other places.