Group Tab Page

Group Tab's home Group Identity sub-tab page is shown as follow.


There are 8 different groups. First of all, you need to specify which group is your working group. By default, it is group-1.

Group level template data are stored MySQL database's table_group_list table. After modifying some group level template data, you can press "Save Current Group's Data To DB" button to export the group cache into table_group_list table.

For group profile data, after you updated the content on the GUI, you need to press "Set Group Profile To Cache" button to save those data into working group's cache.

Group Attributes Sub-Tabs

Group level template's attributes configuration uses similar attributes sub-tabs for certificate. You can refer to correspondent certificate attribute configuration page.

There is a few difference between these two level sub-tabs, refer to the following group sub-tab as example.


There is a similar group selection GroupBox on top of the panel. It is correlated to home sub-tab and all other sub-tab's group selection. Changing the selection under any sub-tab could change all other sub-tabs' working group.

The group level sub-tabs add a button "Import From Global Template". Press it will load the global level template data into the selected working group's attribute cache.