CSR Tab Page

The "Open Cert Request" tab page is the CSR management page, shown as follows.


The top section of the CSR tab is a UI for searching a CSR and opens it, from CSR file folder or from MySQL database.

The left side of top section is a FilelistView, showing the CSR files in \repository_certrequest directory.

The right side of top section is a StringGrid which cell contents are from MySQL database's table_csr_file table.

Opening a CSR means this CSR contents are imported into the work place cache. The CSR contents are read only and cannot be modified, except its NewPassword data.

Teleon service licensing is based on counting CSR. To let a certificate remote attributes uploadable, the certificate's CSR need to be "activated" by assigning a license slot to it. Also, if the assigned CSR/Certificate surpasses the capacity of license pack, some obsolete CSR can be "retracted" to free the availability for other new CSR/certificates.

Pressing the "Save CSR To DB" button will save the CSR data from memory cache into MySQL database's table_csr_file table.