Remote Attributes Data

There are two places where authorization attributes data are stored. A certificate file contains most attributes data. Besides, a few set of attributes data is also duplicated in the RAS/RSS server repository.

In RAS/RSS server, the remote attributes data set is stored in a text file with suffix of ".aat", normally is placed in the same folder of the server binary.

A sample folder of SyncOffice Authenticator is shown as follows.


Besides the .aat file, there is also a file with suffix of ".pcd" stored there. That .pcd file is a certificate identification file serving for producing Passcode for AccessCode.

Asymmetric Style Key Data

Document password key data are normally stored in a certificate file. Once a certificate activates Asymmetric Style Key feature, document password key is split into two parts, one part is still stored within the certificate, while another part is uploaded into RAS/RSS server and stored in the .aat file. During authorization, it will be feed back to re-compose the key with the certificate part.

In SyncOffice Manager side, if a certificate is configured with Asymmetric Style Key, the certificate will be created with a new file with suffix of ".cds". This .cds file contains the asymmetric style key part, and is located in the same folder of created .crt file.


This .cds file should not be delivered to an end-user. Only the certificate file(.crt file) is needed for an end-user.