Cache and Database

Cache and Workplace

SyncOffice Manager maintains a set of string arrays in its memory cache. These string arrays are the work place for attribute data. Administrator’s daily work of configuration is on these string array caches.

These string arrays are also reflected as various data grid in various SyncOffice Manager's GUI tabs. Data grid data can be saved into portable MySQL database as persistent data.

A sample data grid for CSR data is shown as follows.


MySQL Database

SyncOffice Manager uses a standalone MySQL database for its persistent data storage. This MySQL database is a portable database server. All database binary, setting, table data are all in the SyncOffice Manager's \database_mini_server\udrive subfolder as follows.


The MySQL server is launched by SyncOffice Manager after its login is authenticated. Once launched, it will create one virtual drive under SyncOffice Manger's host PC. This virtual drive is a phantom mirror of the SyncOffice Manger's \database_mini_server\udrive sub folder.

The follow figure shows such a MySQL virtual drive (Z:) under Windows. It looks like a normal drive, so don't be confused.


The MySQL database keeps record for 3 levels of template data for various constraint attributes, previously created certificates, their remote attributes uploading history and other related data.