Attribute Template

Managing certificate attribute data for users in a company environment is an arduous work. Many users share some common set of attribute value. Users within a department have high possibility of using same set of attributes definitions/values except only those identifiers and profile content.

To simplify the configuration work, SyncOffice Manager uses Attribute Template. A template set up a set of attributes with its default definitions/values. Administrator can apply a template into the certificate buffer cache, and then only adjust those few attributes which need to be different.

There are three level of template: Global Level Template, Group Level Template and User Level Template.

Global Level Template

Global level template defines a template of attribute data buffer which could be referenced by various group level templates. Normally, its attribute's setting definition/value is common to all users in the same company.

Group Level Template

There are 8 user groups and 8 group level templates. Normally group-1 is the deafult group template to initialize user/certificate data when start up. The default-group can be changed to other group in global settings.

User Level Template

Each user has his own template. When SyncOffice Manager is launched, there is no specific user or certificate defined as working user/certificate, the user template cache buffer and certificate cache buffer are both loaded from default-group template. Later on administrator can load a specific user/certificate data from database if needed.