What is SyncOffice?


SyncOffice is an office suite application forked from LibreOffice. Its document file access is remotely managed and authenticated against local deployed certificate.

SyncOffice suite is provided in two forms: Windows standalone application, and Linux virtual appliance.

SyncOffice Windows standalone application is a portable application, consists of a suite of applications and their environment files, bundled in a zip file.

SyncOffice virtual appliance SyncOffice-VA is a bootable Linux Live image file, which can boot a bare metal PC or VirtualBox under Windows. SyncOffice-VA provides a SyncOffice suite with a sandbox style OS environment which protects SyncOffice related files. It's safer than using Windows standalone application.

SyncOffice added a Java login extension and some new C++ procedure files into LibreOffice. User use Java login extension GUI to get authorization from user own operated SyncOffice Authenticator (RAS) or auxiliary Teleon Remote Support Service (RSS). The C++ procedures communicate with the Java login extension to ensure the data integrity and authorization functions are correctly implemented in real time during the LibreOffice document process.

A few set of LibreOffice original C++ procedures are also modified to let LibreOffice work in a sandbox style environment. This let SyncOffice prohibiting output opened document content into another file in local folders when opened file is a password protected file under authorized state.

Beside office suite application itself, a number of support tool and utilities are provided to let a customer creating his own infrastructure for certification, authorization and remote control management. The main two tools are SyncOffice Manager and SyncOffice Authenticator. They are used not only for SyncOffice, but also for its companion SyncOS.

The name SyncOffice is just a short term of Synchronized Office, where Sync simply means synchronized office management policy with its local deployed certificate and remote authorization.

The current SyncOffice is built based on LibreOffice 7.2 (Standalone Windows edition SyncOffice suite) and LibreOffice 6.1 (SyncOffice suite app sealed within SyncOS or SyncOffice-VA).

The SyncOffice support utilities are developed by Teleon from scratch. Some of these key technologies and sources include:

  • LibreOffice: The under layer office application suite.
  • LibreOffice Java Extension: Java extension template.
  • Cygwin: C++ development tool for SyncOffice Windows version development.
  • Eclipse: Java development studio for SyncOffice Login Extension.
  • Rad Studio 10: Delphi VCL/FMX development studio for SyncOffice utility tools.
  • PHP 7: Teleon Remote Support Service Supporting SyncOffice is written in PHP 7.

SyncOffice's Place in the Universe

There are a lot of good document process security solutions exist. SyncOffice try to protect the document through sandboxing and authorization control. Under SyncOffice, password protected document's content can be saved to itself or another password protected file, but cannot be saved as plaint-text file. It cannot be printed out, exported to a pdf file, or copied/pasted to a plaint-text file. Once a document is protected with password under SyncOffice, it can only be opened by SyncOffice, and SyncOffice try to protect its content leak out even under opened.

Document password protection is a common practice. Ordinary document protection is atomic. Once the password is known by a reader, he can open the document at any place in any time.

Document under SyncOffice password protection add an extra control layer of authorization. If the SyncOffice failed pass the authorization, the document cannot be opened even its password is correctly input. Authorization is implemented to audit against remote RAS/RSS server, or audit against a local copy of certificate if network connection is blocked, or even audit against an end-user manually input passcode. This passcode is got from administrator in real time via phone, SMS or other communication means. Authorization result can also depend on time of day window and IP address location.

SyncOffice has a companion: SyncOS, which is custom made Linux operating system that contains preinstalled SyncOffice application suite. The SyncOS and SyncOffice duo form a perfect document process sandbox. SyncOffice under SyncOS can only access to the corporate cloud or Live USB's encrypted persistent storage.

Business owner and manager should be less worry about critical corporate data processed on SyncOffice may leak out, even to its user. SyncOffice's user can process the document, but he could not get the document's content out into his hand. The content is always protected both by password and SyncOffice's authorization tool. That is, you can read it, you can edit it, you can save it back, but you cannot get rid of SyncOffice's authorization control. In case of need, you administrator can block the file from you at real time. This is what SyncOffice stands out from the rest.

SyncOffice Portal and Information Website

You can find Teleon web portal for SyncOffice at Teleon portal site.

Order and customer oriented information can also be found on Teleon client site.

For more detailed technical information, you can browse related chapter on Teleon document site.

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