Other Utility Tools

There are a set of utility and tool applications to support SyncOffice and SyncOS service and operation. Some of them are only for specific order customers and not publicly released.

CSRGen Java App

For generating a certificate, user may use CSRGen app to create a Certificate Request (CSR) for the PC where SyncOffice or SyncOS will run. Without CSRGen, end-user needs to use SyncOffice's Login-Extension (standalone suite, or under SyncOS/SyncOffice-VA) to create a CSR file for that PC. After creation, user needs to send this CSR file to his administrator to generate a certificate for that PC using SyncOffice Manager.

InitApp Java App

In some custom editions, InitApp is used within SyncOS for end-user to manually start authorization process for SyncOS. This is similar to that Java Login-Extension in SyncOffice suite. Publicly released SyncOS edition uses automatic process and therefore won't need to install the InitApp application inside.