Teleon SyncDesk products provide an Information Rights Management (IRM) solution to SMEs and freelance professionals to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. It allows for document files to be ‘remote controlled’. The product series include SyncOffice application suite, SyncOffice-VA virtual appliance, SyncOS sandbox OS and their support utilities.

Working from home is now becoming a new trend. Document files are leaving office local network and desktops to cloud, laptops and mobile devices. Fortifying company IT security infrastructure and protecting information at individual file level is more important than ever.

The following lists some of the document file security request circumstances.

  • Put the files on company’s private cloud or NAS instead of on public cloud service. Let the document application mapping the private cloud drive as a virtual local folder.
  • Document end user can access the private cloud drive without knowing the cloud login password. Company administrator can revoke an end user’s cloud access right remotely.
  • Disable document “convert to pdf”, “save as”, copy/paste and print etc process if the document is a protected file. The protected document can be read, edited and saved back to original source (usually a cloud folder). It cannot be: saved as another file; copied out as a while file or only part of its content; downloaded to a normal USB; attached to email or leaked to other place.
  • The document access needs both file password and company’s authorization from a remote AA server. The authorization process is in the background and not sensible. Even somebody has a file’s password, he cannot open the file if he has no certificate or certificate issued before has been revoked.
  • Document needs granular access control. A file shared within accounting department may not be allowed to open to engineering group member. File access attribute should have a group argument; can specify allowed IP addresses, can specify time of day access.
  • If possible, the office application suite should work in a sandbox like environment. By this way, a document user can read and edit a document from cloud drive or special encrypted USB drive, but cannot get the file on his hand.
  • You are a crypto or virtual property owner. You have a list of credentials, password and sensitive data files to be extremely cared of. Need to bring the critical files with you when ever you go, but most of time won’t expose them on a PC or Internet. Document operation leaves no trail on the PC’s storage. Sealed sandbox work environment won’t be affected by virus or spam ware. Won’t fear your laptop may be stolen or hacked.

If you are seeking a document security solution, the list should match some of your criteria. You may not set a big budget to let an IT support company back you up. In such a scenario, you can try Teleon SyncOffice or SyncOS product. You can do it step by step starting from freeware mode SyncOffice-VA without cost, to ensure the solution matches your requirements.