Installation of all Teleon provided applications are designed as simple as possible. All applications are portable without setup or touch to Windows registry. They can be run from USB thumb drive, or CD/DVD disc. Migration to another PC or another folder is just a copy and run.

SyncOffice is normally used with a certificate issued by customer's administrator. Though SyncOffice products are portable, the certificate may be not(if footprint option is turned on). It may needs user to create a new CSR from the new PC/Device to let his administrator generate a new certificate for this PC/device, and then incorporates this certificate with the SyncOffice product to work on the new PC/device.

SyncOffice Office Suite

Standalone SyncOffice suite is provided as a Windows portable application in a zip compressed file. Unzip it to a Windows file folder and click its launcher application SyncOffice.exe to run. SyncOffice's Java Login Extension has been preinstalled in the same virtual container with the main soffice.exe application.


SyncOS is normally provided as an iso image file. Customer uses SyncOffice Manager to burn this iso image file into an USB 3.x flash drive. After burning the iso image, it needs to select a certificate and customer's Rclone cloud setting file, copy and encrypt the duo into the USB drive. It also needs to copy a User_Home_disk.img file. This image file is the local persistent file storage for SyncOS, mainly for user configuration settings. After these copies, SyncOS is workable.

Optionally, if customer is willing to allow his end-user to install and play his own application, an App_Container_disk.img container image needs to be copied into USB drive to form a virtual machine container. There are two App_Container_disk.img images, one capacity is 5,600 MB, and another is 12,600 MB. They are suitable for 8GB or 16GB USB drive separately.

The boot process for SyncOS is as follows:

  1. Shut down the host PC;
  2. Plug SyncOS USB drive into a USB port on the host PC and turn PC power on;
  3. Change the boot sequence of the host PC. The method varies with different manufacturers. Usually you can follow the notification shown on the screen during the startup phase to change the boot device, typically press F12 key on Windows PC and ALT key on macOS PC. It is recommended to refer to the user manual provided by the manufacturer.
  4. At the end of boot procedure SyncOS shows up the initial login window, and do audit against its local certificate. Once audit is successful and input credentials accepted, SyncOS desktop environment is shown up. Now you will be able to use SyncOS as a protected sandbox OS.
  5. Typically, you need to launch SyncOffice from the SyncOS desktop, and do login procedure from SyncOffice for authorization.


SyncOffice-VA or SyncOffice Virtual Appliance is published as an .iso live Linux image file. It can be used with or without certificate. Use without certificate is the typical freeware mode usage. When it's used with certificate in a corporate environment, customer's administrator can use WinISO etc 3rd party utility tool to add a certificate and a cloud setting file into the .iso image file.

SyncOffice-VA image can be used directly in VirtualBox or other virtual host, under Windows, macOS/OSX or Linux desktop.

SyncOffice-VA image can also be burned into CD/DVD disc or live USB drive as a bootable live OS media. When it's burned and used as a live USB, it's similar to SyncOS except that it has no App_Container_disk.img container support and cannot install other applications.

SyncOffice Manager

SyncOffice Manager is also a portable application in a zip compressed file. Unzip and copy the SyncOffice Manager folder to PC and click it to run. SyncOffice Manager needs administrator rights to run.

SyncOffice-Manager is associated with a MySQL database server. This associated MySQL server is also a portable application reside in the database_mini_server subfolder. It can be copied with all other SyncOffice Manager files/subfolders to migrate to another PC, without data loss.

SyncOffice Authenticator

SyncOffice Authenticator is provided as a portable application for Windows.

Running CSRGen

CSRGen is provided as a Java runnable jar. Under Windows desktop, double click its icon or right-click then "open" will launch it. Under Linux console, input command line "java -jar CSRGen.jar" will launch the application.

Installation & Setup Problems

If you are already a Teleon client, you can submit a support ticket on Teleon client site - support for help regarding specific issues.

For general enquiry, you can leave a message for Teleon support on Teleon client site - contact.

Software Updates

To keep your application up to date, please follow on Teleon client site - news.