Welcome to web portal! Teleon helps you protect your document file.
Teleon SyncOffice provides certification and authorization to document process.
Teleon SyncOS adds an extra sandbox container layer to further protect document.

You can download and review Teleon Product User Guide for details.

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Teleon client service site is our online office place to serve our customers. From there you can download various products and order service plan for management applications. You can also review your billing history, print your invoices and open a ticket for service case. Register to our client service site to find more...


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You can also explore our documentation site or browse our user manual to find out more about our services and product features. You can better understand the concept behind the office document protection. From there you can learn how to better protect your precious credentials, data and corporate information...


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Teleon products includes SyncOffice Windows suite, SyncOffice-VA virtual appliance and SyncOS live OS. It also provides a set of utilities for certificate and authorization management, such as SyncOffice-Manager and SyncOffice-Authenticator. Download and use of SyncOffice suite and SyncOffice-VA are free. Use SyncOS without certificate is also free. You may need to use SyncOffice-Manager and SyncOffice-Authenticator for certificate and remote authorization control. SyncOffice-Manager needs service plan support. For professionals that work alone, SOHO plan may be enough, which support 3 devices. For company use, choose SMB plan which support 10 devices to 200 devices.

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You can also explore our documentation site, browse our user manual, or register to our client site to find out more about our product and service. From our client site, you can also open a ticket or send an email to us.